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Contemplation utilizes geometric curves and arcs to provide an interconnected series of spaces for both private reflection and inspired creative design. Yayoi Kusama, for whom Contemplation is designed, is a 93-year-old contemporary Japanese artist who lives in Tokyo. Her art focuses on providing a physical description of the traumatic schizophrenic hallucinations that she has suffered from since she was 10. She has preferences for minimalism and organic forms. At Contemplation, Kusama is afforded an achromatic environment that is primed to accept her vivid artistic style and creativity. The color palette of the retreat is intentionally kept grayscale in an attempt to reference the True North Minimalist House in Ontario, Canada. These colors were brought into the design in order to act as a canvas for Kusama, the muted tones function as blank surfaces that can be painted or altered as Kusama sees fit.

An important affordance of Contemplation is accessibility. While the site traverses drastic elevation changes, stone walkways are implemented with a 6” rise and no less than 24” tread depth. These walkways help Kusama move between different elevations of the site without facing a difficult slope.

Another element of Contemplation is the use of load-bearing columns to manufacture open-plan, partially enclosed spaces. This concept originated from Swiss-French Architect, Le Corbusier, who pioneered the open plan in the 1950s. These partially enclosed spaces allow the user to enjoy the wonderful weather of La Jolla, CA while providing shade from the arid sun.

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