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Radiant Sunrise

The design of the mass attempts to utilize natural light to showcase three distinct sculptures, (Listed Below) that have been intentionally placed in a series of Interior and Exterior spaces to highlight the symbolism behind the artworks, as well as enhance to viewer’s experience of the works through the prevailing architecture of the structure. This design was achieved through a meticulous sequence of Ten Operations performed on an initial 20’ x 40’ x 20’ mass partially embedded in the 
Kansas Prarie.

The first sculpture showcased by the design is Untitled by Donald Judd. Untitled is placed underneath an arch at the southeastern corner of the mass, it’s plexiglass faces are aligned with the East and West to cast the light of the sunrise and sunset in a green tint.

The second sculpture showcased is Pebbles Around a Hole by Andy Goldsworthy. Pebbles Around a Hole is placed on the roof plane of the highest point of the design to channel the noon-time sun through its central void.

The final sculpture showcased is Amber Floor by Rachel Whitehead. Amber Floor is placed on the Northern Patio to absorb outdoor light through its semi-translucent materiality.

01_Manipulation_NC_ADS1_B (2).jpg

Individual Drawings

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