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Curated Work

Listed below is all my best work so far in my educational career. Throughout my education, I have strived to learn as much as possible about the Architectural Process and have endeavored to create projects that are reverent to their program, context, and concept.

Final Render Interior 2.png


Reminiscence takes the eloquent form of a Farm Implement Museum. This museum takes every opportunity to pay tribute to the stories of the Native Americans of Kansas by telling the narrative with their own tools.


This abstraction explores the nature of the organization of space by a single designer. A coherent scheme of  3 geometric patterns blends across a landscape on which 2" cubic volumes stand.

Model Pic 3.jpg


These planes act as a first act to the below work. They explore the nuances of spatial hierarchy across an 8" cubic volume. A proportioning system is lightly inscribed on the surface of these planes, speaking to the design decisions made.


Building upon the previous work, Spatial Enclosure explicitly describes the various volumes and geometries created by the planes. Primary and Secondary volumes are encompassed by an offset Datum.



Radiant Sunrise strives to create a monument on the soil of the Konza Prarie. This monument holds within it a space for visitors to experience 3 artworks by various artists, all of the works are highlighted through their unique relationship to natural sunlight.


Ascension is a project that holds reverence to the Artist that it enshrines. Through a rigid adherence to the residential Ken Mat proportioning system, a cultural homage to Isamu Noguchi is created in the form of a tiered sculpture garden. Streams of water cut through the garden serves to calm the environment into a reflective atmosphere.

Model Photo 1.jpg


Contemplation sits along the west coast of the U.S. providing a contemplative get-a-way for Yayoi Kusama a 94-year-old Japanese American Artist known for experimental performative artwork.


Clark Heights, the final work of my high school career, is an exploration of mixed-use development. Standing tall at 70 stories, the tower houses 1400 residential units from 1-bedroom to penthouse options. With a retail mall taking up the first two floors of the program, Clark Heights reimagines the typical high-rise residential work.

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