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Reminiscence endeavors to call back to the history of its site through its form, its relationship to its context, and its program. This is achieved in the first metaphor of the design with the circular form of the building in the plan. This floorplan creates a cyclical circulation separated into 6 main exhibition spaces that outline the life of agricultural products. These two elements encourage the visitors to consider the cyclical nature of crop development as a process. In addition, each exhibition space tells the complete history of each process back to the Native American beginnings on the land. At the apex of the courtyard sits a symbolic Teepee that the buildings’ walls bow to in the plan. The museums’ relationship to the site context also accentuates the previously mentioned concepts, with gradual ADA-compliant pathways and parking options while engaging in minimal additional pathing as much respect to the terrain as possible is maintained. Finally, the project program lends itself to the respect of nature and the building taking a secondary stance on the landscape to the preference of the development its exhibitions celebrate.

Final Layout-min.png
Final Render Interior 2.png
Final Render Exterior.png
Final Render Interior.png
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