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The design of this sculpture garden, which is intended to house 3 sculptures
by Isamu Noguchi, Utilizes 3 major concepts inspired by the artist to articulate the
space and how the sculptures are housed within it. The first major concept that
influences the design is a traditional Japanese Residential proportioning system
known as KEN. KEN was used to harken back to Isamu’s Japanese Heritage and
functions in a 2:1 Ratio Mat system. In the design, the different spaces and the
functions of those spaces are directly influenced by the mat ‘rooms’ that take up
the floor. It is in this way that proportioning is a major driving force in my design.
The Second Major concept is the degree of intimacy with which Noguchi intended
each sculpture to be experienced with. The “Six Foot Energy Void” is the least
intimate and is intended to be viewed from afar and from all angles, The “Endless
Coupling” follows which is intended to be viewed up close but not touched, Finally, the “Fountains” are the most intimate which Noguchi modeled after a Japanese hand washing basin and wanted the viewer to be able to interact with the fountains themselves. These degrees of intimacy are mirrored in the degrees of enclosure and elevation of the space that each sculpture occupies. The Third and final major concept of the design is the elevation changes and how they interact with the flowing water elements to create a serene and private tone for the user’s experience of the space.

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